20 December 2012

Summary 2012 Important Changes

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Dec 20, 12:16 pm
From: IndigeNews
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2012 09:16:20 -0800 (PST) Local: Thurs, Dec 20 2012 12:16 pm
Subject: Summary 2012 - Important Changes


There have been a number of changes in 2012 that will probably cause our group at googlegroups to lapse.

Our site at multiply http://indigenews.multiply.com will soon be no more as multiply is no longer offering a service we can use.

The twitter feed http://www.twitter.com/indigenews is discontinued as there no longer is anyone to maintain the service.

All our archives and two forums hosted by http://www.kisikew.org/ have entirely disappeared from the web. Although there was a committment made by Simon L'nu now known as Eric Cote, the admin of Kisikew.Org, to host IndigeNews and as well the Reclamation archive from the Six Nations Land Reclamation until 2014, on 8 Dec 2012 he removed the server and the harddrive containing all the archives (2006 - 2012) from the place it was formerly located, and leaving no contact or forwarding address nor explanation as to why this was done, took them to an undisclosed location, thus breaking a committment made in 2008 to continue the "reclam" forum and archives.

There are some scattered back-up archives here and there on the web, most are not currently available to the public, and it would take about two years work to rearchive them in a coherent fashion. Ironically, that is a task which did take about two years to complete that had just been completed by Archivist on the http://reclamation.kisikew.org/forum/ when the archives completely disappeared from the web.

Also ironic is that one of the supporters of Six Nations Land Reclamation, formerly known as ~Simon Raven~ (Eric Cote) is the one responsible for the disappearance of the archive.

The back-up forum for the ReclamationInfo forum at aceboard is no more.

The back-up forum for the ReclamationInfo forum at proboards is still in operation:


IndigeNews once appeared in several locations, the main location being the subdomain at http://indigenews.kisikew.org ; it is one of many subdomains that have simply disappeared.

Some archives are hosted at various places around the web. The current mailing list is:


To be sure it will always be AlterNative not mainstream media that will give voice to the Indigenous people. And as always we say "Stand Up for your Rights, Don't Give Up the Fight!" Indigenous voices will not be silenced or censored anymore. By anyone.

Stay tuned to Idle No More for the Indigenous Rights Revolution!

Thank you, Wela'lin, for reading this.

Moderator (still in the canoe)

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